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Since 1992,contributing gap-filling effort in promoting human rights, good governance and rule of law that
upholds justice to prevail in Ethiopia

Advocacy and Policy Dialogue

Advocacy and Policy Dialogue is the major pillar of JFA-PFE program intended primarily to support justice system reform which was designed to provide speedy and quality service and foster the development of improved and workable policies that promote respect and protection of human rights. It is stark clear that while rule of law depends heavily upon the performance of the executive and legislative branches of government, it is the justice sector that is largely responsible to make rule of law operative in society. Further, the legal framework that governs public behavior, empowers the justice sector institutions and defines their roles would only appear on paper until the institutions and actors put them into practice. Moreover, some fundamental problems cannot be fixed by a single institution. This scenario attests the need for holistic intervention, and the importance of synchronization of the indispensable functional links of the organs of the justice system. Thus, the advocacy and policy dialogue program of JFA-PFE is designed to bring to attention the need for favorable polices and legal frameworks and support maintaining of the indispensable role of institutions. The program is classified under three categories, namely advocacy on enactment of new policies, laws and procedures, support amendment of dysfunctional policies, laws and procedures, and supporting of framing of standards. Contributing for the advancement of justice system is one the main objectives of JFA-PFE and towards that, the organization has been advocating for alternative to formal criminal justice like alternative to imprisonment or community service and Restorative Justice

Advocacy for Enactment of New Policies, Laws and Procedures - focuses on the need for enactment of new policies, laws and procedures that guarantees respect protection human rights through developing workable policy. Even though they may emanate from different reasons, limitations of policy coverage and application might be a major issue that should be tackled. In this regards, JFA-PFE has been focusing on identifying gaps by conducting research studies, and facilitating dialogue forums. The National Joined-up Justice Forum and the experience sharing international travels have been instrumental in benchmarking best practices from the world around. The process helps to identify gaps in numerous legal instruments and putting forth recommendations for the need of enacting new policies, laws and procedures that guarantees respect and protect human rights through developing workable policy.

Support Amendment of Dysfunctional Policies, Laws and Procedures – as much as it is imperative to enact new transformational policies, laws and procedure, it is equally important to amend dysfunctional policies, laws and procedures. This is done through supporting policy and legal research initiations and advocating for and proposing of possible alternative laws and procedures, and supporting the establishment of institutions that help improve human rights, good governance and rule of law. At that end, relevant research recommendations and shared experiences are brought to platforms to abridge policy, law and procedure gaps.

Support Framings of Standards: focuses on setting improved standards in the justice system. The different functions and delivery of serviced of the various organs are governed by set of standards, procedures and manuals that enable institutions to put legal framework into practice. In some cases, in the process of institution’s service delivery, violation of rights might occur from absence of clear guidelines and/or missing of workable manuals. In this regard, JFA-PFE has been playing vital role in supporting the development of procedures, guidelines and manuals that enhance respect and protection of human rights as well improve the standards service delivery of the Justice System.




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