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Training on Legislative Drafting by a Legal Advisor from Danish Ministry of Justice

JFA-PFE in collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy conducted a three days intensive training program on legislative drafting was conducted in Addis Ababa in Washington Hotel from August 10-12, 2015. The training was facilitated by Legal advisor from   Danish Ministry of Justice- Mr. Jan van Deurs.


A keynote address was made by Mr. Åge Moller- Charge de Affair of the Danish Embassy. In his speech, he affirmed that “The Danish Government sees Human rights and democracy as fundamental values and goal. Recognizing that justice and rule of law go to the heart of societal development, Denmark is convinced that providing support to the justice sector in Ethiopia is of paramount importance…. The training in combination with your dedication will undoubtedly lead to the improvement of the Ethiopian Justice system.”
The trainees were Drafters from Prime Minster Office, Ministry of Justice and Regional Justice Bureau representatives.  
The trainees stated that their participation on the training enabled them to learn the science of drafting in a structured way and gain practical insights from the Danish experience.   

Mr. Åge Moller Charge de Affair of the Danish Embassy in Ethiopia

Mr. Jan van Deurs. Legal advisor form   Danish Ministry of Justice

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