Justice For All-PF Ethiopia
Since 1992,contributing gap-filling effort in promoting human rights, good governance and rule of law that
upholds justice to prevail in Ethiopia

Our Programs

JFA-PFE envisions a prosperous, peaceful and democratic Ethiopia where efficient, quality, effective, fair and accessible Justice System prevails that meets the aspirations of FDRE Constitution and international human rights standards realized. Based on this vision, the organization has been making various program interventions since its inception two decades ago. Its program is sought to contribute to the realization of quality justice as basics for the protection of human rights and practice of good governance that upholds rule of law in consistent with international human rights norms and standards. Generally, the program is categorized under six pillars /thematic areas namely:
1) Advocacy and Policy Dialogue;
2) Capacity Development of the Three Branches of Government;
3) Empowering of Women, Children and Other Vulnerable Groups;
4) Conflict Management and Peace building;
5) Holistic Support to Prisoners and Victims Welfare, and
6) Organizational Capacity of JFA-PFE.

Basically, the organization has been exerting its utmost effort where it finds its gap-filling interventions are timely and vital in strengthening the workings of the justice system of the country. Although, irrefutable success stories and results were realized, still a long journey is ahead of us to harvest the fruits of the seeds sown in the field of justice. Needless to mention that in every stride of our walk, the indispensable role of government institutions, the genuine contribution of donor agencies and other stakeholders has been very crucial for the implementation of our program.


Head Quarter:
in Addis Ababa,   the capital city of Ethiopia and Seat of African Union
Brach Offices:
Amahara, Oromia, Tigray, Benishangul Gumuz, Harari, and SNNP Regional States Liaison Offices

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