JFA-PFE aims to increase the conceptual and practical capacity of top justice sectors and other executive and judiciary officials through trainings and workshops. We believe in personal and institutional change which contributes to improved service delivery for the enhancement of the protection of human rights, good governance, rule of law and peace.

Due to low awareness and skills, justice sectors are exposed to possible human rights violation. Therefore, JFA-PFE is determined to continue building the capacity of duty bearers to ensure an effective justice system, guarantee the supremacy of the law and maintain full respect of human rights.

Our trainings focuses on human rights, case flow management, and prisoners’ right for police officers, judges, prosecutors and prison officials. We also conduct trainings on ethics, anti-corruption and exercise of special rights such as pardon, bail and parole.

JPA-PFE also organizes campaigns against harmful traditional practices by creating awareness of women’s legal and human rights, establishing and supporting gender-based violence (GBV) service providers, who are ready to report any cases. As such, there are some work we do in the areas of gender justice.  

We believe in human rights principles to provide a set of values to guide the work of the government, which also provides a set of performance standards against which actors are held accountable. Therefore we focus on building the capacity of legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government for the respect and protection of human rights.

Conversely, without good governance human rights cannot be valued or protected in a sustainable manner. Implementation of human rights highly depends on a conducive and enabling environment. Therefore, capacity development of officials in promoting human rights and good governance is vital. Our focus lies on empowering government officials to make well-informed decisions and provide quality services, that upholds key attributes of good governance namely transparency, responsibility, accountability, participation and responsiveness.

We believe improvement of good governance paves the way to advance human rights through enhancing state’s capacity to fulfill its responsibility of ensuring the attributes as well as to provide quality services which are accessible, acceptable and equitable to all. Considering the progress made, various problems stem from low awareness of officials on these attributes.

Thus, JFA-PFE is involved in building the capacity of governance officials of both the Federal and Regional States. With this, the ultimate goal is to see where all people and institutions are subject and accountable to the constitution.