Child Sponsorship

Children Sponsorship: – Children whose bread-winning parents are imprisoned are the most vulnerable, and in great challenge to access school, health, nutrition and their other basic needs which they require to grow and lead a decent life. Consequently, they are often exposed to labor exploitation, physical and sexual abuse, drug usage and other problems on top of malnutrition, disease, and illiteracy. In Ethiopia, there are tens of thousands of children whose parents are imprisoned for different crimes and who lack access to the mentioned basic services. By benefiting these children in sponsorship program, we strive to improve their access to education, medical care, nutrition, resilience and other basic needs.

Contact Us to Select a Child

If you would like to sponsor a child of a prisoner or a victim contact us through our address here or go to the contact archive to fill the form and start communication with us. You will help provide your sponsored child with the basics of a joyful-healthy life

Start sponsoring a child

The journey starts soon after you receive a welcome letter with the story and photo of your sponsored child and updates from your child that demonstrates the difference attained by your contribution.

Express your care for the Child

Develop a relationship with your sponsored child as you write and receive letters to celebrate special occasions or just communicate that you care

Nutrition Support

Medical Support

Educational Support

Spritual Support

Psycho-social Support