The Fight against FGM & Child Marriage,FGM and Other forms of GBV

Violence against women is a worldwide phenomenon with its long-term devastating effects on women’s physical and mental health. In Ethiopia, among the various gender based violence practices being exercised across different societies, Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are the most serious forms of violence. These practices are also human rights violations and undermine efforts to sustainable development. To fight these harmful practices, JFA-PFE’s has been focusing on facilitating networks and collaborations by increasing communication and linkages between community members and law enforcement officials.

The Practice of Child Marriage and FGM is highly prevalent as part of the existing dominant cultural value and tradition in Sub-Saharan Africa particularly in Ethiopia. Concisely, the government of Ethiopia has taken a number of initiatives starting from policy formulation to enactment and amendment of laws to improve the situation of children and women in the country. Ethiopia has shown its commitment by ratifying international conventions concerning children right like UNCRC and CEDAW, and put it as part and parcel of the law of the land. Harmonization of national laws with international conventions and the new Constitution is of paramount steps in protecting the rights of children and promotion of gender equality in every sector. The Ethiopian Government (on London Global Girls Summit in 2014) announced that, it is committed to end Child Marriage and FGM by 2025. Hence, to end the malpractices, collaborative hands of both the government and non-governmental organizations are found crucial. JFA-PFE imparting the vision of the Ethiopian government engaged in tackling Child Marriage and FGM, which are egregiously violating numerous human rights principles which are gravely affecting the lives of girls and women. The project to end Child Marriage and FGM envisions to contributing to the creation of safe and female friendly environment by ending Child Marriage and FGM from Ethiopia.

Focused Intervention against Child Marriage and FGM

The campaigns aimed to enhance community awareness and knowledge concerning the detrimental effects of Child Marriage and FGM. Positively influence people’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, empowering students and girls club as well as forming an anti- child marriage and FGM Task Force are the major objectives of the campaign.

JFA-PFE facilities and arrange such programs to be held in campaign areas

Capacity Building Training for Law Enforcement Bodies

JFA-PFE is building the capacity of state council members, justice sector officials specifically, judges, prosecutors, police officers and militia members on Child Marriage and FGM. Know expert in the field have delivering the capacity building trainings. The central themes of the trainings focus on enhancing their knowledge on the consequences of Child Marriage and FGM, addressing and investigating Child Marriage and FGM cases, children’s rights for good treatment in courts, and networking with and referral to child protection and response service rendering institutions. The overall Objectives are: 1. Enhancing the Capacity of Regional State Legislators, Executives and Judiciary organs; 2. Advocacy on the rights of girls and women to stop Child Marriage and FGM; 3. capacity building trainings on the issue of ‘preventing, investigating and adjudicating Child Marriage and FGM cases’ for Judges, Prosecutors and Police.

Awareness raising Campaign and Mass mobilization in Amhara Regional State

Envisions protecting 1.5 million girls who live in four zones of Amhara Regional State; North Wollo, East Gojjam, North Shoa and South Wollo Zones from Child Marriage and FGM. The overall working goal is to eliminate the practice of Child Marriage and FGM by raising the awareness to 5.5 million people in the target area; broaden communication and linkage channels between community members and law enforcement officials and enhance the capacity of Zonal and District law enforcement bodies to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate Child Marriage and FGM cases. Up to now, JFA-PFE in collaboration with Woreda Administrators carried out five awareness raising campaigns in a number of woredas, namely: Meket Woreda, North Wollo Zone; Senan and EnebsieSar Midir Woreda, East Gojjam Zone, Ensaro Woreda, North Shoa Zone; and Kelela Woreda, South Wollo Zone.

Broadcast through Media

In partnership with TV, Radio, or other mass media agencies, we develop and transmit programs to reach greater audiences on issues of halting FGM and Child Marriage.

Market Place Campaign

In the rural areas, public market places are used to reach thousands of people who attend marketing. We use banners, flyers, brochures, poems, dramas and cultural songs to teach residents of the community. Female student, girls, boys, youngsters and women march out and applaud rights of women and access to education for town residents and marketers.

School Campaign

Reaching to schools we arrange question and answer contests to students and awarded T-shirts, Hats, storytelling booklets and books. We Empower girls, boys and women regarding Child Marriage and FGM.

Girls Club Empowerment Program

Girls club coordinators, students, teachers and school directors attend a workshop and reflect on FGM and EM. We empower girls clubs by providing child marriage and FGM teaching aids. We create links between students- girls’ club- school directors and police. .

Women Discussion Forum

Women affair represented from each Kebles, Women association leaders, Women elders, Child Experts, Health Extension Workers and Youth Experts discuss and reflect on Child Marriage and FGM. They discuss their personal experiences on child marriage and FGM and draw lessons.

Justice Sectors Discussion Forum

Judges, Public Prosecutors, Police, Militias and Command posts discuss about the prevalence of Child Marriage and FGM in their woredas. Prevention mechanisms, investigation and adjudicating cases of child marriage and FGM discuss in each intervening woredas.

Community Forum

Religious leaders, Community Elders, Women Leaders, Keble Administrators and managers, Health Officers, Justice Sector officials, teachers and students discuss about the dangers of child marriage and FGM in their respective woredas. The forum attenders elect representatives of their community to reinforce the agenda of the campaign. Anti -Child Marriage and FGM Task Forces whose members are elected by full participation of the community forum attenders in each intervened woredas are established. Task Force members pledge in front of the public to end Child Marriage and FGM in coordination and cooperation.

Anti -Child Marriage and FGM Task Force

Anti -Child Marriage and FGM Task Force is responsible for drafting an action plan, have recording system and reporting mechanisms. JFA-PFE is responsible to support the works done by the Task Force and follow up and monitor their progress.