Peace Building and Conflict Management

 Peace Building and Conflict Management is another pillar of JFA-PFE’s program with an objective to enhance conflict Management and peace building practice through the creation of public communication and participation platforms. The central hitches are poor conflict management practices and signs of intolerance among different religious institutions and ethnic groups. JFA-PFE’s has been focusing on two major areas of support. The first is strengthening the traditions of restorative justice practices. And second is building a culture of peace and tolerance in diversified societal settings for better cooperation and harmonization of relations between the communities and this program is undertaken by partnering with alliance of civilization.

Strengthening Restorative Justice – focuses on the search for and strengthening of traditions of restoring justice in order to address poor conflict management practices and lack of reconciliation among victims of crime and corrected inmates. This hitch necessitated the intervention with the objective to enhance the administration of criminal justice by incorporating restorative justice programs, and increase public participation in the Justice system to make the community part and parcel of the Justice system

Building Culture of Peace and Tolerance: It involves in supporting conflict management and peace building works in the society. It focuses on searching for and upholding affirmative traditions in diversified societal settings for better cooperation of the society and harmonization of relations between the communities. Some strategies are devised to achieve the objective of building culture of tolerance for peace building. The first strategy is building the capacity of stakeholders in conflict management and peace building practices to create awareness on tolerance. Second, promoting traditions of peace building, stabilizing and conflict managing through devising a mechanism of alternate dispute resolution and court annexed mediation. The third is to strengthen partnership with stakeholders involving in peace building and conflict management. The forth is conducting studies on conflict prone areas and carryout high level dialogue forums on the results. And the final is facilitating victims and offenders reconciliation forums and restorative justice community meeting in conflict prone areas