JFA-PFE envisions a prosperous, peaceful, and democratic Ethiopia where justice and human rights prevail. To have its visions realized, the organization has been making various program interventions since its inception. Its program seeks to contribute to the realization of quality justice as the foundation for the protection of human rights and the practice of good governance that upholds the Rule of Law in accordance with International Human Rights norms and standards. Our main pillars to see our vision come to fruition are the Rule of Law, Peace and Dialogue, and Human Rights.

Our Interventions

Peace & Dialogue

In the hopes of managing conflict and bringing lasting peace to Ethiopia, JFA-PFE has been organizing a series of dialogue forums on peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and common values for peacebuilding.

Rule of Law

Development of improved and workable policies, legislation, procedures, and manuals for the actualization of the rule of law and good governance

Human Rights

JFA-PFE is resolved to continue improving the capacity of duty-bearers in order to secure an effective justice system, the supremacy of the law, and complete respect for human rights.