Justice For All – Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA-PFE), is founded in 1992 as a non-government organization in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). Since its establishment, JFA-PFE has been working on the improvement of prisoners’ lives and holistically handling them. Later on, in 2006, it became evident that improving prisoners’ wellbeing requires embracing the entire justice sector and this led the organization to gradually expand into the area of promoting human rights, good governance, and rule of law in Ethiopia. As a result, the then Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (PFE) restructured itself as “Justice for All – Prison Fellowship Ethiopia” (JFA-PFE). To date, the organization is making gap-filling interventions in the justice system of Ethiopia for the prevalence of justice which is very fundamental to enhance and sustain the development of the country.


JFA-PFE’s advocacy interventions focuses on restoring systemic issues including legal, policy and institutional limitations.

Capacity Development

JFA-PFE aims to increase the conceptual and practical capacity of top justice sectors and other executive and judiciary officials through trainings and workshops.

Prison Reform and Child Support

JFA-PFE’s service delivery mainly focuses on improving access to services and resources for the full-fledged fulfilment of human rights by providing basic needs.

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“If I had a choice, I would rather repeat the 9th grade than get married”

Birtukan Dessie grew up in Meket woreda (district), North Wollo zone, Amhara region in Ethiopia.

Coercions No Longer Working

15 year old Tirualem Temesgen ran away from home, which was in Bibugan woreda (district), East Gojam zone, to escape the pressure of child marriage.

Yes to education No to Early Marriage

Teshale Asmamaw was one of the girls from her school, Enebrei Elementary, who was selected to attend JFA-PFE’s training about the harms of child marriage in 2014.