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National Joined-Up Justice Forum

Capacity Enhancement for Regional State Councils

Capacity Enhancement for Regional State Councils

Peace Building and Dialogue

Peace Building and Dialogue

Enhancing people to People relation

Justice for All-Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA-PFE), initially Prison Fellowship Ethiopia, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1992 G.C. out of the abhorrent prison conditions and human rights abuse that were personally experienced by the founders in 1988 when they were incarcerated. From its establishment, JFA-PFE started its work in prison to improve the treatment and livelihood of prisoners. Later on, the organization expanded its operation to embrace the entire justice sector of the country, encompassing all institutions of the justice sector: court, police, prosecutor, and prison administration.
Thus, the JFA-PFE evolved toward promoting human rights, good governance, peace and dialogue, and the rule of law in Ethiopia. Since then, JFA-PFE has become the leading national NGO on the matters of Human Rights, Justice Reform, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, and the Rule of Law. Some of its recent interventions include the development of the Court Annexed Mediation Manual, Restorative Justice Manual, Case-Flow Management Manual for Courts, Prosecutors Handbook, Police Investigation Manual, Community Policing Manual, Legal Dictionary, Public Complaint Handling Manuals, and so much more. It has also contributed to the development of national policies, including the Criminal Procedure Code, Media Law, Commercial Code, Pardon Law, and many more.


Rule of Law & Good Governance

JFA-PFE's focus is on policy and legal frameworks, good governance, and access to justice.

Human Rights

JFA-PFE aims to increase protection, promotion, and respect for civil rights, prisoners' handling, and gender and children's rights.

Peace & Dialogue

JFA-PFE's focus is on the peacebuilding process, dialogue on peace with elders, and strengthening traditional peacebuilding mechanisms.

Facilitating Justice Sector collaboration

15th National Joined-Up Justice Forum In close collaboration with the Ethiopian justice sector, JFA-PFE facilitates a bi-annual gathering of high…
by | May 24, 2018

Over 5,000 Participants across Ethiopia Enhance Their Human Rights Awareness

5,087 Public Prosecutors, Justice Sectors Officials Social Court Judges, Police Officers, Community Police, Investigators, Militia Officers and Officials, Prison Administrators…
by | May 23, 2018

5th Bahir Dar City Run to stop Child Marriage

On the February 26, 2016, the 5th annual Bahir Dar city run was performed with a theme “Children Lives Matter;…
by | May 23, 2018
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