Child Protection manual drafted for Amhara Regional State

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A one-day pre-validation workshop with high officials and bureau representatives of Amhara Regional State was conducted on the child protection manual. Participants in this workshop included Ato Ferede Cheru, Amhara Justice Bureau Head, Women and Children Affairs’ Bureau representatives and representatives from Health, Education, Justice, Police, Court and Civil Society Offices.

In this workshop, drafts of a Child Protection Manual for the Community, Child Protection Manual for the Police and Child Protection Manual for Child Friendly Court were presented.

Thorough discussion begun, and they gathered feedback for improvement of the drafts. They expected finalization and implementation of these manuals by the end of 2017.

The participants of the workshop appreciated the contribution of JFA-PFE mainly because child protection manuals are imperative for ensuring children’s wellbeing, but the region didn’t have them.

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