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From November 14-18, 2016 delegation of Ethiopian Justice Officials completed a study tour in Germany to learn about the German Justice system with special attention to Judiciary, Prosecution service and prison.  The delegation learned about the German legal system and practically observed these institutions performing their activities.

The Ethiopian delegation learned details about the collaboration between probation offices, the government, NGOs and the private sector for successful reintegration of prisoners back into society. German NGOs provide support to prisons which helps the prisons to focus on capacity building of prisoner, depending on their interest and demand from the markets for specific skills.  When prisoners are released, the social service department and social workers work together to place the prisoners in jobs relevant to their skills.

JFA-PFE also arranged several experience sharing and good practice session in Ethiopia for emerging regions to learn from the best practices of other well performing regional governments in the areas of access to justice and better human right implementation.