Inauguration of Adama Depo Prison Dry Latrine and shower construction

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On July 28, Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie, President of Justice For All-Prison Fellowship Ethiopia inauguration of  Adama Depo Prison Dry Latrine and shower construction.  JAF-PFE believes the newly addition dry latrine and shower buildings will help the inmates to have better sanitation and hygiene.

Pastor Daniel along with Adama Depo prison administrators took time with the prison inmates committee and discussed mainly on the amnesty proclamation which was recently approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives. He promised that JFA-PFE will follow-up on the execution of the amnesty proclamation which in the meantime he asked the inmates to calm themselves and wait for the action of the government patiently than creating protest and unrest which leads to damaging property and loss of life.

In addition to this, he stressed about the respect and protection of basic human rights and human dignity which are main focus areas of JFA-PFE. The Adama Depo Prison is a model prison constructed by the support of JFA-PFE with significantly better condition that meets minimum standard of the UN. The prison also provides vocational training for inmates which creates sustainable livelihood opportunities which is believed to reduce crime and poverty by producing productive society Pastor Daniel added. Finally, he said his organization fully supports the new reform that is happening in Ethiopia.