Leadership, corruption prevention and good governance training for Federal & Regional Justice Sector Officials

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Justice For All-Prison Fellowship Ethiopia in collaboration with Pointman Leadership Institute conducted two rounds of training in Adama and Hawassa for Federal and State Justice Sector Officials and Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples’ Region Justice Sector officials consecutively. These workshop trainings took place in Adama from Aug 13-14, 2018 and in Hawassa from Aug 16-17, 2018. Both trainings focused on leadership, corruption prevention and good governance.

The training workshop mainly focused on the topics of Inspirational, Trustworthy Leadership, the Power of Character and Responsible Leadership and Ethics as well as Preventing Corruption. Mr. Daniel Beckmann, Mrs. Eva Denzler (both from Switzerland) and Lt. Col. Jan Svanepoel from South Africa with diverse experience in the topics gave an intensive training for a total of 123 participants. Federal and Regional 1st Instance, High and Supreme Court, Federal, Regional and Addis Ababa Police, Addis Ababa City Court, Addis Ababa and SNNPR Justice Bureau, Attorney General’s Office, Federal, Tigray Regional State, Afar Regional State and SNNPR Prison Administrators, Public Service, Youth and Sport Commission and Afar Peace and Security Office Participated in this training.

Mrs. Eva Denzler,Mr. Daniel Beckmann & Lt. Col. Jan Svanepoel

The diverse group of participants exchanged ideas, shared their experiences, good practices and challenges, this gave the training more depth.  

Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie President of JFA-PFE, Ato Tsegaye Asmamaw, Vice President of Federal Supreme Court, and Ato Mulugeta Ago, Hawassa Supreme Court President were present at the workshop training to encourage the participants for their attentive participation.

Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie, in his keynote speech addressed the purpose of the training giving greater emphasis on the urgent need for justice sector reform. He then highlighted the works done by JFA-PFE in areas of human rights protection, awareness raising and capacity building. 

Ato Tsegaye Asmamaw on the other hand thanked JFA-PFE for its continuous support for stakeholders of the Justice sector. Ato Tsegaye acknowledged the fact that the justice sector has a gap regarding leadership skills. He strongly advised the participants to partake in the training workshop attentively and strive to make a difference in their corresponding sectors.

Ato Mulugeta Ago also appreciated the support of JFA-PFE to build the capacity of Justice Sector officials and hoped that the training will add great value to the trainees in their day to day task as they serve the public.

The trainees were awarded with a certificate of completion for attending the two days training on leadership and corruption prevention