Workshop on the Validation of Draft Child Justice Guideline

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October 5 and 6, 2018 Justice for All-PF Ethiopia in collaboration with Federal Supreme Court organized a two day workshop to validate a draft Child Justice Guideline. The workshop that took place in Adama World Training Center participated 47 stakeholders representing Addis Ababa City Administration, Amhara, Oromia, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples’, Gambella Region High and Supreme Courts and more than 15 local and international NGOs.

The project aimed on revising guidelines that are there in relations to child justice. Justice for All- PF Ethiopia has been working diligently with Federal Supreme Court to reform the existing child justice guidelines to enhance the protection of children for the realization of their rights which is one of the core institutional measures of the government of Ethiopia to guarantee the realization of the best interest of the child in the process of administration justice for children.

His Excellency Ato Tsegay Asmamaw, Federal Supreme Court Vice President

The participants discussed on validating four guidelines. These were:

  1. Victim fund scheme that attempts to further strengthen the psychological support to a child,
  2.  Probono Service Manual to giving free legal aid for children,
  3. Referral System which includes supporting children and or their care providers with necessary help that can include temporary shelter, counseling, covering costs of transportation or house rent,
  4. Psychosocial support guideline that promotes family mediation as alternative dispute resolution to serve the best interest of a child.

His Excellency Ato Tsegay Asmamaw, Federal Supreme Court Vice President, Her Excellency W/ ro Meseret Getahun, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Women and Child Rights Commissioner, W/ro Seblework Tariku, Women and Children Affairs Directorate Director at the Ethiopian Institution of Ombudsman, Ato Obomg Ojulu, President of the Gambella Regional State Supreme Court and Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie, President of JFA-PFE were among the dignitaries at the validation workshop.

Law School representatives from Addis Ababa and Adama University, Ethiopian women lawyers Association, Association of Women Sanctuary Development ,SOS Children’s Village Ethiopia, Kingdom Vision International, Selam Children’s Village, Save the children, Abebech Gobena Children’s Protection and Development Association, Integrated Family Service Organization, Retrock Ethiopia, Children Cross Connection, Forum on Sustainable Child Empowerment and Ethiopian Institution of Ombudsman were among the participants presented to contribute their feedback to the guideline.

After incorporating suggestions and comments forwarded during the validation workshop, the guideline is expected to be used by Federal and Regional courts at every level.

Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie, President of JFA-PFE