Community Conversation for Women and Children Rights and Supports

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Training of Trainers Cascading Knowledge in their Communities

JFA-PFE has been actively working on combating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Child Marriage and supporting children whose parents are imprisoned.

In April 2016, JFA-PFE conducted a three-day Training of Trainers in Bahir Dar to teach 24 community conversation organizers basic concept about gender, the patriarchy system ,gender roles, gender equality/gender based violence, child marriage and FGM and how to facilitate similar trainings. The participants came from six woredas (districts) of the Amhara regional state and were comprised of education experts, health officers, women and children affairs representatives, legal experts, prosecutors and judges.

As confirmed during follow up, the number of couples present before the justice office seeking age determination before marriage has decreased. 120 girls were presented before the justice office for age determination and 98 girls’ marriage was cancelled due to the result which showed that they are under 18 years of age.